who are we?

About Us

The Delta Tule Trekkers is a non-competitive walking club and we invite you to join! We “walk for the health of it”, one step at a time. 

We are associated with our state organization, the California Volkssport Association (CVA) and our parent organization, the American Volkssporting Association. We like to say our club is all about Fun, Fitness and Friendship for the whole family. We have members from all over the Central Valley and foothills from Auburn in the North to Ceres in the South. This growing sport of planned walks is often called a “Volksmarch”.  What is a volksmarch?

Walk distances are generally 5K and 10K. Each walk will follow interesting and often historical areas, as well as parks and trails when available along the route. Each route also has a trail rating to help you determine the difficulty of the walk.

Find an interesting year round walk, go to the start point and ask for the walk binder or box and follow the instructions. Participants in wheelchairs or walkers pushing strollers are advised to do the 5K walk. The events are open to everyone. A minor must be signed for and accompanied by an adult.

The American Volkssport Association, has information on walks locally and all of the USA.  For more information about all the clubs in California, you can visit the California Volkssport Association.


What kind of walks do we go on?

Year-Round walks: Each club, including ours, has a number of mapped walks we sponsor. You’ll hear these referred to as “year-round (YR)”, “friendship (FW)” or “anytime” walks. Our club currently maintains 10 of these walks. You can find details about the starting location and a short description of each walk by checking our walk list. At the starting locations you’ll find a walk box or binder with detailed instructions, maps and other information on upcoming events. There are usually 5K and 10K versions of each walk. Although these walks can be done at any time by anyone, the club may schedule one of these per month to do as a group. For variety, the schedule also includes year-rounds walks sponsored by neighboring clubs.

Traditional walks (TW): These are “hosted” walks put on by various clubs at specific times. They are sometimes coordinated with a local event and/or reoccur on an annual basis. Starting locations and checkpoints along the walk route are manned by club members who register walkers, provide maps and sometimes refreshments or food. There are also 5K and 10K versions of these walks. Our club usually hosts 3-4 Traditional walks per year. 

You can find walks anywhere in the U.S. by visiting the AVA National walk locator. 

How much does it cost?

Each person pays a $4.00 fee per walk to cover expenses associated with the event.

How difficult are the walks?

Walks vary in difficulty from very easy to moderately challenging. Some of our walks are on flat paved sidewalks through interesting sections of local cities and towns where you’ll frequently discover hidden gems of interest you never knew existed. Every walk has a trail rating which can be found in the walk description . Other walks are out in the countryside or wilderness areas with more  challenging terrain and outdoor beauty. To encourage participation by young and old, route conditions specify if strollers or wheelchairs can be accommodated and if pets are OK with clean up.

How often do we meet?

In addition to an active walking schedule we have a standing meeting once a month where we get together to talk about club business, discuss walks we’ve recently been on, as well as upcoming walks, while having a bite to eat with friends. Meeting location and times here

How can I become a member?

Simply fill out the membership application.

2019 Club officers

President: Cathy Pauley – president@deltatuletrekkers.org

Vice President: Wanda Martin  – vicepresident@deltatuletrekkers.org

Treasurer: Diane Gomes  – treasurer@deltatuletrekkers.org

Secretary: Brandi Morick – secretary@deltatuletrekkers.org

Committee Chairs

 Walk Coordinator: Joan Sykes – walkcoordinator@deltatuletrekkers.org